Preparation for Office Visit
  1. Reviewing what your child(ren) can expect during the visit, prior to your arrival can be extremely helpful, especially for young children.
  2. Wearing loose fitting clothing helps us to examine your child without undue trauma that could contribute to crying.
  3. Role playing the exam can be helpful.
  4. NEVER promise your child that shots or bloodwork will not be performed during the visit.
  5. NEVER promise your child "it won't hurt".  The reality is that some things do hurt (shots, bloodwork, etc.); but, the pain usually goes away fairly quickly.
  6. Bring a special toy or book to the office with you.  These "personal" items may ease your child's anxiety as they wait for the doctor, nurse practitioner, or nurse.
  7. Please note:  If you suspect your child will need a strep screen, do not give your child anything to eat (this includes mints or gum) or drink for at least 20 minutes prior to your arrival.
  8. Please note:  If your child is less than 4 months of age and is having shots, it is NOT advisable to give them any medication prior to their arrival.  If you child (greater than 4 months) will be receiving shots, it is sometimes helpful to give them Tylenol prior to your arrival.  Children less than 6 months of age should NOT have Motrin.